1 Tobias Mayers Birthplace

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Tobias Mayers Birthplace

Tobias Mayer’s birthplace

The birth house was erected by the parents in 1711 after the great fire in Marbach. Tobias Mayer was born in 1723 on the upper floor. On the ground floor the father had his workshop as Wagner and well builder. This room has been used as a museum since 1985 and since the renovation has been introducing the living conditions into which Tobias Mayer was born



Manuel and Felix Seiter designed the north wall of the room in 2020. The representation of the house goes back to early photographs and impressively shows that this is the house of a family from simple social backgrounds. On the rest of the wall, in addition to the life data of Tobias Mayer, the work of his father is shown, who, as a well builder in Marbach, made water pipes from pierced logs („Teuchel“) and wells. This also includes a drawing of the water pipe from a spring to Palm’s estate in Esslingen. The order for this led to the family moving to Esslingen.