6 1751 Nuremberg / Göttingen: A cartographer on a honeymoon


Travel map of Nuremberg – Göttingen. The honeymoon ticket was to be the first page of a travel atlas projected by Franz, Lowitz and Mayer. A. F. Yelin, Tobias Mayer, hand drawing, 1751.
Honeymoon (Listen to text)

In the environment of the Homann publishing house Mayer gets to know his wife: At the age of 27 he marries Maria Victoria Gnüge with whom he will spend the rest of his life. Already the year before, he accepted a professorship in Göttingen. The journey there is also his honeymoon. Along the way, he keeps track of places and distances and later creates the Nuremberg-Göttingen travel map with the help of his nephew and travel companion J. A. F. Yelin.