7 Fuchs Painting

Michael Fuchs Mayer Collage.
Fuchs painting (Listen to text)

In 2017, the Viennese artist Michael Fuchs was commissioned by Hermann Püttmer (RIVA GmbH) to produce a painting showing the most important life stages and works of Tobias Mayer in the form of a collage. Tobias Mayer sits in the clothes of a Göttingen professor of the 18th century in the left middle, in his hand he holds his „astrolabium“, which he developed for astronomical surveying and which is considered the forerunner of today’s sextants. On his lap is a map showing the city map of Esslingen, in front of him is a globe of the earth. Next to him is a city view of Marbach in the 18th century. On the right edge are his color triangle, his moon globe and a wall quadrant, as Mayer used in Göttingen for his astronomical observations. On the far left is James Cook’s ship Endeavor: Cook was one of the first to use Tobias Mayer’s moon tables on the lunar distance method. The little boy on the right represents Tobias Mayer at young age.