5 Moon Segment

Moon segment.
Segment of the 3.5m – largest and most detailed moon globe in the world. 1mm on the segmet equals 1 km on the moon.
Vista-Rasch with Hans Ruder, Pflug, DLR, NASA, Tübingen, 2013.
Moon segment (Listen to text)

This section of a 3.5-meter-high relief moon globe shows the area around the craters Corpernikus and Tobias Mayer. The relief data comes from the latest NASA measurements, the entire globe is shown in the Astronomy Center in Mecca.
On the one hand, the projection on the globe segment provides information on the topography of the lunar surface (names of the maars, mountains and craters) and, on the other hand, films about the moon landing and the formation of the craters due to the impact of meteorites. Another film illustrates the creation of the moon.